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My name is Dain Wallis. I’m a Nutrition Coach. I have a Bachelor of Health Studies, BPHE, and I am CSCS Certified. I’m a competitive lightweight strongman and my other sports interests include being a perpetually disappointed Cleveland Browns fan.

I started using Carb Nite and Carb Backloading in 2011. My exceptional personal results inspired me to start using theses protocols with my clients in 2012, and I have been using them successfully ever since.

My area of expertise is manipulating both Carb Nite and Carb Backloading for strength and performance during fat-loss.

I'm a great coach because I'm adaptive, creative and I never quit! I also keep things light - you've got to enjoy the process!

I aim to teach my clients how to understand their own bodies and to help them learn how to eat and train for their individual health and performance goals. I don't believe in giving advice without explanation; only when I've helped a client understand how to seamlessly adapt his/her lifestyle to achieve his/her goals have I done my job.

My favorite Ultra Low Carb meal is surf and turf; the best of both worlds!

I love doughnuts. But for carbing up, nothing beats Gramma's strawberry-rhubarb pie!

I'm currently training for the Lightweight Strongman World Championships and won't stop until I'm the strongest man in the world in my weight class.

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