Body IO® FM #14 | PALEO f(x) 2014 Recap

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Recently, Dr.Rocky, Andrea (AJ) Jengle, Jim Laird, and I attended the Paleo F(x): Ancestral Momentum – Theory to Practice Symposium in Austin, Texas. We thought we’d share our recap of what went on, how things went, and the key points we learned at this 3 day conference.
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  • Thanks for taking the stress off of all the Keto pressure. You explained that really well! It’s amazing how we can get so hung up on these things.

  • I think what I enjoy the most is the evolution of these podcasts. They never disappoint. Mr. Kiefer continues to bring good info to make me, an older woman, feel confident in the choices I make in my daily health routine. I was not athletic til 50 years old. Now at 54 and competively weightlifting for the past two years, I can say his CN and many words of wisdom has helped me tremendously. Thank you and keep these podcasts coming. I thoroughly enjoyed the other guests you had on today too! I look forward to every podcast. Thank you for your diligence.

  • Great podcast! I also attended Paleo fx but it was great to get your insights into the event. It was also nice to meet you, Jim, AJ, Dr Rocky, Alex , Mary, EvaT, and other folks from your forums. My question is about Pull ups for women. This has always been a goal of mine aside from body compostion and getting healthy. I have always thought being able to pull one’s self up/ out of something would be a possible life saving skill or come in handy. Would you be willing to do a tube cast or article covering correct form and training protocol?

  • Great episode guys! I’m very glad to be hearing more about how blood ketones don’t need to be my goal to be successful in shedding fat. Chasing those numbers is a huge stressor. Thanks for all you guys are doing to get the latest info out there.

  • interview Rhonda Patrick. FTW 🙂

    also, if you could discuss with her the details about sauna theraphy


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