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The Body IO Coaching program is designed for clients who are already following either Carb Backloading or Carb Nite, and need further assistance fine-tuning these protocols to their individual needs.

The CNS & CBL Coaching program includes:

A thorough assessment process, including food journal collection.

Feedback and recommendations about Lifestyle, Nutrition (food choices), Training type, volume and frequency.

Calorie, macronutrient and carb timing recommendations based on your individual needs, goals and training schedule.

One half-hour Skype Q&A with your coach to review his/her recommendations.

Two scheduled food journal & progress tracking follow-ups, to be completed via email within 2 months after the consultation date.

The consultation package does not include daily meal plans or personalized program design.

This program is not appropriate for stage prep or professional athletic competition.

It is essential that clients have purchased, read and understand the basic concepts of Carb Nite before enrolling in this program.

The Body IO Coaching Team aims to educate and empower our clients to make informed decisions about their nutrition, training and lifestyle strategies. We believe this is the key to helping clients transform their lives.



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