HER Body™ #12 | Q & A

HER Body Podcast Alex Navarro AJ Jengle

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In today’s HER Body™ episode, AJ and Alex share their first ever Q&A. They tackle the most asked questions they receive via email and social media.

Here are just a few of the questions they answer:

– When should you have caffiene when training?
– Should you cut out dairy?
– How long should you fast?
– When should you eat your first meal?

They also explain why a simple answer isn’t always simple and why they need a lot more detail to give the proper advice.

Individual coconut oil packets mentioned in this podcast:

1. Artisana Raw 100% Organic Coconut Oil – 1.19 oz (Travel Pack)
2. Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 10-Count Pouches


Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Level 1 Fascial Stretch Therapist. My goal is to teach my clients how to listen to their body and adapt to its needs rather than being derailed by every bump in the road.

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