World Without Vegans™ #1 | Lies Vegans Tell

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In the premier episode of World Without Vegans™, Kiefer outlines his goals for this podcast and goes into detail debunking an article from a doctor who is advocating for veganism.

Points discussed:

– Vegan hypocrisy
– Personal feelings about the ethical treatment of animals
– Battling sensational vegan lies
– Reaching host, Stephen Colbert
– Debunking: “8 Reasons This Physician Recommends You Drop The Keto Diet And Go Vegan”
– Vitamin and mineral imbalances in Vegans
– Stunted growth
– Exposing a vegan doctor’s misleading comments on research
– Birth defects from vegan diets

Note: I miscounted when I recorded the podcast, there are 34 unique studies showing birth defects associated with strict vegetarian and vegan diets.

References mentioned in podcast (click to expand)

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Physicist turned nutrition and performance scientist. Currently considered one of the industry’s leading experts on human metabolism.

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