Ask Kiefer Anything - Rebound Hypoglycemia

In today’s podcast, Kiefer is joined by audience member Bruno.

Bruno had 1 hour of Kiefer’s time to ask him anything he pleased. He focused on asking for help with various issues he had been experiencing post workout, with food, and making sure his macros were on point.

Bruno had been to a few doctors to find out why in the mornings he would get nauseous, overly tired, and an overall feeling of not being well. After discussing his training schedule and what he was eating they determined he was experiencing rebound hypoglycemia.

Kiefer gave suggestions on how to overcome this as well as how to adjust his macros to keep him healthy. They also discussed other topics such as alcohol consumption and nerve issues.


Physicist turned nutrition and performance scientist. Currently considered one of the industry’s leading experts on human metabolism.

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