Body IO® FM #20 | Alex Navarro and Mary Gines

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What does it take to transform a recipe to ultra low-carb? What are some quick and simple ULC recipes anyone can make?
We invited the creators, Alex Navarro and Mary Gines, of Transforming Recipes to chat about how easy it is to cook low-carb as well as how they go about creating new recipes. We also talk about some of the hit and misses they’ve had when trying out new recipes.
Alex Navarro is a nationally-renowned personal trainer, fitness competitor, and nutrition programmer utilizing The Carb Nite Solution® and Carb Backloading™ protocols. Former national-level NPC bikini competitor and professional model,
Mary J. Gines earned a BFA in digital media from San Jose State University and a Master’s Cert. in Online Marketing from the University of San Francisco.
To learn more, please visit:
1. Alex and Mary’s Website
Transforming Recipes is available from the Body IO™ products page or on the link below:
2. Get the cookbook!
2. The Ultra-LowCarb Dessert Book is now available! Get it here!


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