Body IO® FM #21 | Research Review 3

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Click on the links below to view materials and research discussed in each topic.
Topic 1: Gut Health
A. Role of the microbiome in energy regulation and metabolism.
          I. Abstract
Topic 2: Protein and Abdominal Fat
A. Quality Protein intake is inversely related with abdominal fat.
          I. Abstract
          II. PDF
Topic 3: Short-Term Fasting and Muscle Growth
A. Actions of short-term fasting on human skeletal muscle myogenic and atrogenic gene expression.
          I. Abstract
Topic 4: Muscle Mass and Metabolism 
A. Increasing muscle mass to improve metabolism.
          I. Abstract
          II. PDF
Topic 5: ATP and GLUT 4
A. Attenuating the decline in ATP arrests the exercise training-induced increases in muscle GLUT4 protein and citrate synthase activity.
          I. Abstract


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Physicist turned nutrition and performance scientist. Currently considered one of the industry’s leading experts on human metabolism.

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  • This is quickly becoming my favorite podcast. Keep it up Kiefer and Dr. Rocky (and co).

    • I second that! My two dogs are waiting on your wisdom, Kiefer. Until then I’m gonna start throwing some Greek yoghurt into the mix.

    • Kiefer has already addressed this. Please do your due diligence and go through his material.

      • Oh – OK I m sorry I did not know…could you please send me a link where I can find this information? Thank you!


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