Gym Laird #28 | Kyle Davies - Stress and Sickness

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In today’s podcast Jim is joined by previous Body IO FM® guest, Kyle Davies. They discuss how various forms of stress can affect the body and mind.

They talk about how we all need to listen to our feelings, emotions, and our body when they are telling us they are not well. They share tips on how to reduce and cope with stress.

Kyle also discusses his new book, The Intelligent Body: Reversing Chronic Fatigue and Pain from the Inside Out.

Kyle Davies is a Chartered Psychologist, therapist, coach, speaker and author. He is the creator of Energy-Flow Coaching™, a MindBody approach to help people achieve optimum wellbeing, and experience greater personal freedom. He has spent the last 15 years helping sufferers of chronic health challenges such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, depression and anxiety, recover their health and lead fulfilled lives.

To learn more about Kyle’s work, click the following links:

2. The Intelligent Body
3. Energy-Flow Coaching


Jim Laird has been working as a Strength and Conditioning Coach helping clients achieve their goals since 1997. He has 4 years of Division One coaching experience and over a decade of working with clients in the private sector. He has worked with everyone from housewives who just want to look good and feel good, to professional athletes in the NFL, LPGA, and MLB; his most notable client being Scott Downs who is currently with the Chicago White Sox and is going on his 13th year in the MLB. Jim has helped dozens of young athletes achieve athletic scholarships to Division 1 schools and also trains a team of female Powerlifters. As an elite level Powerlifter, Jim pushed his body to the limit for years, and now understands the difference between working out to be healthy, and working out to achieve a high level performance goal, and he want to help others do the same. Learn more about Jim on his blog:

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