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Click on the links below to view materials and research discussed in each topic.
Topic 1: 
A. Coordinated release of acylation stimulating protein (ASP) and triacylglycerol clearance by human adipose tissue in vivo in the postprandial period.
          I. Abstract
          II. PDF
Topic 2:
A. mTORC1 controls fasting-induced ketogenesis and its modulation by aging.
          I. Abstract
B. The ketogenic diet inhibits the mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) pathway.
          I. Abstract
          II. PDF
Topic 3:
A. Genetic predisposition and increasing dietary fructose exposure: the perfect storm for fatty liver disease in Hispanics in the U.S.
          I. Abstract
Topic 4:
A. Phospholipids in milk fat: composition, biological and technological significance, and analytical strategies.
          I. Abstract
          II. PDF
B. High dairy fat intake related to less central obesity: a male cohort study with 12 years’ follow-up.
          I. Abstract
          II. PDF
C. Using confocal laser scanning microscopy to probe the milk fat globule membrane and associated proteins.
          I. Abstract
          II. PDF


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Physicist turned nutrition and performance scientist. Currently considered one of the industry’s leading experts on human metabolism.

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  • are your podcast available for download to listen to from an mp3 player? am I missing something or can we only listen on soundcloud?

    • There is a “Listen on iTunes” link right below the sound cloud app. Enjoy!

        • It’s a decision of the posting owner whether media can be downloaded

          Google for “download soundcloud” and you’ll find various tools – is a web site that does it for you and helped me get it onto my phone to listen to in the car.

  • For us laymen out here, which is applicable regarding bulletproof coffee? Topic 4B? I think it’s awesome that you provide all of this literature review, but most is over my head 🙂

    Thanks from Atlanta, GA!!

  • Hey Kiefer,

    Just heard you say you’d be curious to hear if there’s a histamine reaction to heavy cream in coffee. I’ve always had histamine reaction to dairy and love your research so I gave this another shot the other day, definitely had a histamine reaction from just 1-2 T of heavy whipping cream. Total bummer cause it’s absolutely delicious.

    Aaaand just heard you say if you do have this reaction, to try raw cream so I’m gonna try this. Let you know if the same thing happens.

    I’m also adding MCT oil – is that still a good call?


  • Nice! Love the topic breakdown and associated discussed paper(s). At first I was even more excited thinking the topic/annotations were a synopsized transcript of the podcast discussion itself (how cool would that be!) but even just this topic itemization is hugely useful. many thanx!

  • It is a great idea to bring intelligent discussions and expert analysis of actual studies to your listeners. I agree that context is essential to the interpretation of data–so thanks for providing this.

    I admit that I was surprised at the sweeping derision of Dave Asprey’s recommendations and products. The butter vs cream in coffee question seems only marginally significant in terms of nutritional functionality, but you made a number of considerably more serious claims against the Bulletproof brand and if what you are saying is true, it would be a great service if you could provide additional substance to support what you have said. Thanks, by the way, for the heads up about the MCT oil being potentially harmful and inferior in many respects to regular coconut oil.

  • Holy quality batman! Loved the insight. Can’t wait to hear more, especially love that you’re pulling from other bloggers. I like looking at what others are saying, but haven’t the experience or time to read through their references.

    I love cream as much as the next person, but get terrible bloating and lethargy. I blend grass-fed ghee and coconut oil as a compromise, although cream tastes 10x better. Will consider your other options of raw and european cream.

  • Outstanding! It was over an hour so I had to break it up to listen to it all – and I felt like a kid on Christmas, couldn’t wait to get back to it. Every free moment I had, even if only 10 min or so, I would run to my computer and listen. Thank you!

  • Great idea for a podcast. Please keep doing these every so often. It may get a little “sciencey” for some, but it’s very helpful to understand the “why’s” of how the body works and how diet and exercise influences the body’s physiology.

  • Hi Keifer

    I’m trying to get a constructive discussion going on the bulletproof forums on some of the information you have put out there and would love to have information on the studies behind some of the things you were saying. In particular for:

    1. The health benefits of the milk fat globule membrane
    2. On the benefits of butyric acid production vs exogenous ingestion of butyric acid (I don’t know if there is anything specifically on this topic but certainly any studies which have led you to your current position).
    3. The negative effects of C8 and any other particularly pertinent mct vs coconut oil studies that you might know about

    I realise you are incredibly busy and that it takes time to pull studies but any information you can give will make it much easier to get other people to engage in a discussion on a factual and scientific basis.

    Many thanks


  • Asprey just released bulletproof Ghee…so yes, he’s now profiting of bulletproof butter. I stopped drinking BP coffee and now I’m less nauseous. I’ll take it. Kiefer, your podcast kept my up past bedtime last night. You bastard ;).

    But Kiefer, your carb cycling approaches have made me lean out after just a week. I’m confused. Probably avged 3000 cals per day and woke up friday with more ab definition I’ve had in months. So thank you. CBL 2.0 will be purchased, 75% to get some knowledge bombs. 25% to support your smart ass.

    Keep spreading all this. I love it.

  • On the topic of individuals who fail to achieve expected ketone levels, I have found that *often* the ketone meter used is key. The NovaMax blood ketone meter typically, and significantly, under measures serum beta-hydroxybutyrate vs. the Precision Xtra. These are the only two meters I’m aware of, and differences are often less than 1 mmol/L on the NovaMax vs >2mmol/L on the Precision Xtra. A lot of folks get the NovaMax because the strips are cheaper. And, of course, urinary ketone strips are pretty useless.

  • Keifer you have changed my life!! I have been doing CN since last November. Many bumps along the way but your podcasts have helped me realize many of my mistakes and I continue to make progress. Although some of the language is above my brain level, you and Rocky have a great way of bringing it down to an understandable level for us average folks!! Keep doing these!!! You are changing more lives than you know!!!

  • I have read several good stuff here. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how much effort you put to create such a fantastic informative site.


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