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Today’s episode is a Body IO EXCLUSIVE.
We invite Dr. Frederick Navarro on Body IO FM to discuss his soon to be released new book: Pattern of Health. These behaviors and Patterns of Adapting to Health (PATH) predict different levels of health. Why is it valuable to know what pattern you are? Can you change your pattern?
Dr. Frederick Navarro is a professional health researcher, senior applied statistician, and is experienced in primary assessment-based health research. He received his PhD. in Health Psychology.
To get Dr. Navarro’s newly released book click the following link:
1. Pattern of Health


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Physicist turned nutrition and performance scientist. Currently considered one of the industry’s leading experts on human metabolism.

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  • Kiefer, Thanks for sharing your passion for all things geeked out. No doubt you have some indication of how far reaching your influence is but thought I would share a little from Evergreen Colorado. After hearing your interview with Keith Norris, I flew to Chicago to see the ARX in action and also to Austin to spend the day with Keith and Mark at EE. Tomorrow we are going to sign a lease on the Omni and Horizontal, our first of hopefully many. We even had dinner at the BBQ restaurant in Austin that you and Keith ate at. After hearing this podcast I prompted a dear friend that runs a Hospice here in Denver to check out Dr. Navarro’s work and hopefully they can connect to make the nurse/client/family experience even better…. I’m thinking a lot lately about how the universe gets nudged in a positive direction… here are just a few ways that you have nudged my universe and the ripple effects others. Thanks

  • Mind blow! Eagerly awaiting the book. Thank you, Kiefer, for making this available. Your books and podcasts have made a huge difference in my life. Thanks again.

  • Thanks for this podcast. I remember you mentioning Dr. Navarro’s work on a previous podcast, and I was really intrigued – I’m glad you followed it up. This is really great information that everyone should have!

  • I missed this podcast and went back to listen. This is so interesting and really helps explain why I’m so intent on the path I’m on. I’ll be interested to read the book and determine which I am (though I have a pretty solid clue!). I couldn’t help but think of the movie “Divergent” when you were discussing if people could change or if there is an age at which there is opportunity to impact the path one takes. Thank you for always bringing us great information!

  • It would be very interesting to get Dr. Navarro and Dr. Walsh talking. I wonder if methylation patterns are at all associated with different PATH’s.


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