Body IO® FM #37 | Ben Pakulski

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Why do programming protocols need to be based both on research and real world experience?
Why is it important to maintain your body and have muscle activation therapy?
In this episode of Body IO FM, we speak to Ben Pakulski about how he discovered Carb Backloading™ and how he developed Mi40. We also discuss how there is not one universal diet for everyone and how your time in the gym needs to be effective, not lengthy.
Ben is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario with an honors degree in Kinesiology. His postgraduate work has taken him all over the globe to collaborate with the world’s authorities on performance nutrition, exercise physiology and biomechanics. Ben’s intelligent approach to muscle building has propelled him to the very top of the IFBB Pro bodybuilding ranks, despite his self described “average genetics.” He is the author of Mi40 Foundation and Mi40 Extreme.
To learn more about Ben Pakulski and his training programs, click the following links:
1. Ben’s website.
2. Ben’s Mi40 Training Program.
3. Mi40x. Ben’s next level training program.


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Physicist turned nutrition and performance scientist. Currently considered one of the industry’s leading experts on human metabolism.

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  • Another awesome call you guys are great! I really appreciate everything you guys put out. Can’t wait for more, your research is addicting and you two make a synergy that can’t be beat. I’m just starting my own business in the fitness industry and you both are great role models. It’s not about what you get out of your work, it’s what other get out of your work. Success follows that dedication.

  • There will always be a missing element to bodybuilding programs that’s never mentioned. Train smart/hard, make sacrifices, nutrition, …..

  • Great podcast, lots of good info. Ben had mentioned that a women had put on 40lbs in 10 days .

    Do you think that a carb nite type diet could help fix the metabolic damage caused by chronic dieting, being a long time yo yo dieter I would interested in your thoughts about it

  • Keep up the great work Kiefer and Dr. Patel. I am really enjoying these podcast and the fact that I am able to geek out a bit and still digest all of the information is outstanding.

  • I’ve been lifting weights for 16 years and felt like I was pretty good at engaging a targeted muscle rather than just moving weight like a lot of people do. I’ve been so impressed with info from Kiefer over the last couple years that for him to endorse Ben’s program really piqued my interest. I checked out Ben’s site and bought the mi40x program. I’ve only done the 7 day primer phase and I’m blown away by how much difference it makes to do the lifts the way Ben explains them and following all of his little cues. I’ve been using 1/2 the weight or less on everything and I’m more sore than I’ve been in years. I can’t wait to do mi40x for a few months and pack on some new muscle


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