Body IO® FM #36 | Keith Norris

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On today’s episode of Body IO FM, we bring back Keith Norris to discuss the future of paleo and how important it is to have a diet framework that works for you.
Other topics covered:
– Stressing out about your diet.
– What can improve thyroid health.
– Why mainstream health experts have the wrong view of low-carb and ketogenic diets.
– Context matters when it comes to diet.
– What’s new with ARX fit.
Keith Norris is not only the COO and event coordinator of Paleo f(x), he is also a master trainer and manger of Efficient Exercise in Austin, TX. Keith emphasizes his “three pillars” approach to health and wellness; namely, merging smart exercise, appropriate lifestyle (including diet, sleep, etc.), and informed testing, “hacks” and supplementation to create an all-inclusive fitness and wellness package.
To learn more about Keith Norris, Paleo f(x) and the ARX machine click the following links:
1. Keith’s blog.
2. Paleo f(x).
3. The ARX machine.
4. Keith’s training services.


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Physicist turned nutrition and performance scientist. Currently considered one of the industry’s leading experts on human metabolism.

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  • In my opinion Keith’s outlook on Paleo and diet is representative of a large proportion of the ‘paleo crowd’. Anyone that has followed the work of any of the paleo/ primal advocates (Wolf, Sisson, Kresser etc) would understand that context is key and and individualised flexible approach is required. I prefer to see paleo as an ideology/ philosophy rather than a prescriptive diet. To me, paleo means optimizing diet and lifestyle for health and longevity.


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