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We invite Dr. Rhonda Patrick to talk about her current research on the effects of micronutrients on metabolism and DNA damage. We also discuss insulin and mitochondrial damage.
Dr. Patrick is passionate about disseminating health-related information in a way that the general public can easily understand. She is a frequent speaker and writer on topics ranging from general health and wellness, to diet and aging, to vitamins and their effects.
To learn more, please visit:
1. Dr. Patrick’s Website
2. Dr. Patrick’s YouTube Channel
What multi-vitamin Kiefer takes:
1. Animal Pak


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Physicist turned nutrition and performance scientist. Currently considered one of the industry’s leading experts on human metabolism.

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  • Good God NO!!
    Y’all talk at 110-240 words per minute.
    Average north americans read at 200 – 300 per minute
    My lazy reading speed is 600 words per minute.
    As I age, my time is becoming more precious so I read at 800 – 1000 per minute most of the time. (burns more calories as well, a nice bonus for a disabled stroke victim who gets less than optimal physical exercise.)
    Unfortunately I do not multitask well, therefore have to sit through the entire presentation.
    Such an enormous waste of time, please no.
    Would you consider providing transcripts. I would be ok with Dragon’s version of the program.
    Thank you for all you your analysis, I bought The Carb Nite Solution and Carb Back-Loading. very good reading. on these I slowed down to 400-500 wpm, and re read many portions.
    P.S. my mind wanders when I try to listen to any podcast or youtube and subsequently miss chunks of the presentation, text on the other hand, if my mind wanders, I just go back and spend 20 seconds re reading.

  • The supplement CoQ10 is heavily promoted. Why does its chemical analogue, Idebenone, get no attention at all?

  • Thank you for putting out soo much information. Especially content full of research!

  • there is a Part 2. Right ? hopefully you guys talk about more in detail about Hyperthermic Conditioning

  • In passing, you (Kiefer) made a comment about the destructive effects on the nervous system by the use of “instability devices.” Would you include
    in this category a tool such as Louie Simmons’ Earthquake Bar?


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