Body IO® FM #38 | Test Results, Testosterone Boosters and Rants

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On this episode Body IO FM, Dr. Rocky and I discuss an assortment of topics and even rant about a few.
Here are some of the topics we cover:
– Client/patient results
– What do test results actually mean?
– Is fruit healthy?
– Testosterone boosters
– Eating carbohydrates when you aren’t training
– What’s coming for


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k l


Physicist turned nutrition and performance scientist. Currently considered one of the industry’s leading experts on human metabolism.

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  • Awesome podcast! Very interesting to see that there have been studies done on differences in dairy products. Also good to hear a scientific standpoint on TRT.

    Keep it coming!

  • Really enjoyed this episode. Agreed that things need to be positive but people also need to be held accountable for their actions and the material they produce for their readers/viewers/listeners. Excellent job again guys! Quick question though, who was the resource mentioned in relation to fruits and vegetables in the diet? Looking to venture down this rabbit hole a little more!

  • Always learn something from your youtubes and podcasts (even from your rants). Thank you for all your research. I’m 65 years old female who has cut out carbs, added Carb Night and taken up weight training. I feel much better because of these changes. I’ve listened to a huge range of health podcasts over the last couple of years but you’ve become my favorite. Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned.

  • Loved this particular podcast! i’m quite the fan of an intelligence based rant! I have purchased the carbnite solution, and look forward to the updated version of carb back loading. No disrespect to all of the hard work that goes into a “regular” podcast, but a rational and uncensored rant is sadly hard to come by these days……


    willy onate

  • Kiefer, you keep ranting all you want because your rants are just one logical fallacy after another, but you always have data/research to back your reasoning in your rants which always benefit us to hear!

  • Count me in for loving the rant, too! Didn’t even really come off as a rant, if you ask me. Just your honest opinion — and more than that, your frustration with snake oil salesmen and shysters who give all the rest of us a bad name — people just trying to make an honest living and give people reliable, actionable information without scaremongering or obsessing over weird, freakish minutia.

    That’s actually why I enjoyed this episode so much: Kiefer, you make me feel better about where I’m at in all this right now. I’m working part-time in a completely unrelated “day job,” while I try to build my nutrition practice. I am probably the *least* “media savvy” and marketing savvy person in the world. All I want to do is wake up and feel like what I do *matters.* That I put out information that someone, somewhere, finds helpful. (Hopefully a lot of someones…) I’m very easily discouraged, especially when there are so many e-books coming out, and programs and protocols, and it feels like people who probably know less than I do are making money hand over fist just because they’re better about putting things together in pretty packages . Honestly, I’d feel pretty good if I could just sit down with a few folks, impart some knowledge, and have them improve their health and physique because of something *I* said.

    And I really appreciate how vocal you are about people not sticking blindly to dogma for the sake of dogma. It takes a huge amount of confidence (or just straight-up honesty) to take on some of the big individual names and long-beloved concepts in this industry.

    What you said about Whole Foods — SO TRUE!! Charging a king’s ransom for lettuce, quinoa, and beans — the foods people generally would have shunned back in the day if there *anything* more substantial and nutrient-dense to be had. They are GENIUS marketers! 😉

    Keep the awesome shows coming.

  • Ditto with everyone love the podcast! I love eating whole foods and have been enjoying my carb nights. It is always good to hear that conventional isnt always bad. Organic is not everything it is made out to be. I do love local though and support my local farmers as much as I can.

  • Great podcast, as always! I used to follow the BS Exec, but it got to the point where I couldn’t stand the narcissism, unsubstantiated claims and incessant marketing…

    Keep up the great work, both of you!

  • I don’t mind the B%# Exec…but boy did I laugh! Great podcast info and ranting ….keep up the good work 🙂

  • I actually have been listening to the bull**** podcasts, they have some informed guests, because you guys had some lag time over here. I noticed he definitely advertises the use of a carb refeed, after your guest appearance, without giving you any credit whatsoever. I almost got sucked into buying their overpriced, hyped up, catchy products. I listened to this 5 times, this podcast was awesome! Thanks for shedding some light and bringing me back to earth!

  • I think at some point everyone grows sick of BS exec. There are stuff that I will be ever grateful for him, such as BP coffee (I tried cream, I like butter better, sorry.) and the BP intermittent fasting protocol, but… but. I’m looking for quality information and education, I can’t stand arrogance, fake tonality, and beyond shameless product pushing over a certain point. I’m done with BS exec for the most part, and I’m more than ever grateful for having a real scientist like Kiefer spreading the word.

  • I find it super ironic that I originally discovered the BS Exec because Kiefer was on his podcast. I followed his stuff with a bit of skepticism for a while but finally quit after the dispute he had with Caveman Coffee and Joe Rogan where they tested his coffee against other brands and found that they all had the same mycotoxins levels.


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