Body IO® FM #51 | Dr. Mark Gordon - Testosterone and Hormone Deficiencies

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Why is it important to get proper testosterone tests?
How do hormone deficiencies affect the brain and body?
This episode of Body IO FM we have special guest, Dr. Mark Gordon, join us to talk about hormone deficiencies. He educates us on how testosterone levels are related to brain function and why they need to be properly tested.
Dr. Gordon also shares how his research and protocols have helped his patients with traumatic brain injuries and depression recover to the point of being medication free.
Originally trained in Family Medicine through Rush Presbyterian St. Lukes Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Mark L. Gordon graduated with honors and with the highest residency award for his level of skills and personal commitment to the patients and staff. In his progression into Interventional Endocrinology, Dr. Gordon continues with this same commitment and enthusiasm that has now provided services to over 12,000 patients in 9 countries and 14 other states. He lectures nationally and internationally sharing his clinical experience in a straight-forward manner that allows other physicians to tap into his personal database to enhance the optimal treatment of their patients.
To learn more about Dr. Gordon’s work, click the following links:
1. Physician TBI Training
2. The Millennium Health Centers
3. Dr. Gordon’s Book 


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Physicist turned nutrition and performance scientist. Currently considered one of the industry’s leading experts on human metabolism.

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