HER Body™ #07 | Jessica Philippus - MMA fighter, Coach, Mom

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In this episode of HER Body™, AJ and Alex chat with professional MMA fighter, Jessica Philippus. She discusses how she trains and uses Carb Backloading™ to make her diet simple and weight cuts easy for her sport.

As personal trainers, they also compare notes on common mistakes women make when it comes to nutrition. They also chat about the faults they’ve made with past diets and how they needed to change their diet to make it stress-free. A point they emphasize, your diet should not stress you out.

Jessica Philippus, Professional Atomweight MMA fighter, Coach, Mom, CBL lover. She started wrestling on the boys team as a freshman in High school on a dare and fell in love with it. Years after collegiate wrestling was behind her, she decided to give MMA a try; she went 8-1 as the #1 ranked amateur 105lb fighter and is now 1-1 as a pro. After years of poor weight management she went on a mission for credible and scientific nutrition info to help fuel her athletic endeavors and manage her weight in a healthy way. This is how she discovered Kiefer, Carb Nite® and CBL. She used CBL principles to train for her last fight and managed to gain muscle while losing fat; leading to the easiest weight cut and best performance she has ever had in her career.

To learn more about Jessica, click the following links:

1. Wrestler Chick Website
2. Facebook Fan Page
3. Jessica’s Twitter
4. Jessica’s Instagram


Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Level 1 Fascial Stretch Therapist. My goal is to teach my clients how to listen to their body and adapt to its needs rather than being derailed by every bump in the road.

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