HER Body™ #28 | Denise Wood - Allergy Solutions

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Can you get rid of your allergies?

Why should you not continually rely on band-aids for allergy relief?

In this HER Body™ episode Alex invites alternative allergy specialist, Denise Wood, to discuss her methods on how you can retrain your immune system to solve your allergy issues.

Denise also explains how stress can be an allergy trigger and why using over the counter or prescription medications causes harm to your immune system.

Denise Wood is owner and clinical director of Advanced Allergy Solutions®. Her passion for helping people became an official career after graduating from Nature Care College in Sydney, Australia as a Naturopath in 2004. This led her to start a private practice in Sydney specializing in Digestive Disorders. Denise spent time traveling from Australia to the USA training practitioners in the software ‘Advanced Allergy Therapeutics™’, which is the technology used at the clinic, Advanced Allergy Solutions®. Being a native of Sonoma County brought her back to Northern California after 10 years in Australia, when she opened Advanced Allergy Solutions®, San Francisco, in January 2010.

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I’m a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and WBFF Bikini Pro. My athletic interests include Gymnastics and weight lifting. I hope to teach clients how to pay attention to what their bodies need, when they need it and how to manipulate the foods they eat in order to reach any goal.

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