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How can you tell if your body is starving for vitamins and minerals? Is organic food worth the hype?
Dr. Bruce Ames joins us on Body IO FM to discuss these topics along with his research on nutrition and mutagens.
Dr. Bruce Ames has been the international leader in the field of mutagenesis and genetic toxicology for over 20 years. His work has had a major impact on, and changed the direction of, basic and applied research on mutation, cancer, and aging. The current research of Dr. Ames’ on cells focuses on the oxidative damage to DNA and its relationship to mutagenesis, carcinogenesis and the degenerative diseases of aging.
To learn more about Dr. Ames and his work click the following link:
1. Dr. Ames’s Website
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Physicist turned nutrition and performance scientist. Currently considered one of the industry’s leading experts on human metabolism.

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  • I Read that Dr. Ames said coffee is the 2nd leading cause of cancer….any thoughts on that? I’m a coffee addict and now feel I should stop. Would love to hear Kiefer or a podcast talk about Caffeine, skin health (like whether all that hype about sun exposure and the raw deal on lotions anti aging etc)

    Just a fan leaving feedback!

  • Dr. Ames is advocating an approach that Life Extension ( has and continues to pioneer. I am glad this message is spreading.

    I did chuckle to myself when I heard the doctor say, “eat a balanced diet, eat your veggies, but I am developing a formula (in case you don’t)”. I am not criticizing, I supplement. In today’s fast-paced world(where we really do not eat as we should) it does come down to supplementation. I guess I’ll keep chuckling when my doctor continues to tell me I am making expensive urine.


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