Ask Kiefer Anything Unfiltered - Session 2 - Part 1

In today’s “Ask Kiefer Anything Unfiltered”, he answers the following questions:

“Why can’t I just take Dinitrophenol and eat tacos all day?”
Sam Ellis

“It’s obvious that you have a deep understanding of DNP and its effects on mitochondrial energy production (for most people it’s just dangerous yellow poison). Can you go into any utility it has? It’s cool if you just tell me to wait for your article on the subject.”
Michael Schmutz

“In the podcast you briefly talk about diabetes drugs and soft tissue cancer. I don’t have diabetes but are taking 1g of metformin a day on days that I don’t workout due to D. Sinclair rec. for longevity. I do CBL and only workout once a week. Do you see problems in that?”
Sven Jacobse

“Is there any chance you can discuss the “redacted” chapter from ND?”
Alki Anastassiou

“If the ratio of mitochondrial surface area to volume is a measure of tissue health, and endurance exercise produces more numerous, smaller mitochondria, doesn’t that make endurance exercise the healthiest form of exercise?”
James Earnshaw

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Physicist turned nutrition and performance scientist. Currently considered one of the industry’s leading experts on human metabolism.

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  • Just completed Session 2 Part 1. Overwhelmed by such a detailed and insightful analysis. Superb. Plus, the ending practical recommendation is priceless. Thank you Kiefer. Thank you.


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