Body IO® FM #40 |Alex Navarro & Andrea Jengle

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What typical diet mistakes do women make?
Why is it common for women to over-train?
In episode #40 of Body IO FM, we bring back Andrea “AJ” Jengle and Alex Navarro to discuss their forthcoming regular podcast that will be dealing with women’s health and fitness. Also, we let you know the mission of Body IO and what new publications, products and resources you can expect in the very near future.
Andrea Jengle is a personal trainer and head coach for Body IO. She has utilized The Carb Nite Solution® and Carb Backloading™ to achieve not only her own health goals but those of her many clients.
Alex Navarro is a nationally-renowned personal trainer, fitness competitor, and nutrition programmer utilizing The Carb Nite Solution® and Carb Backloading™ protocols.


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John Kiefer


Physicist turned nutrition and performance scientist. Currently considered one of the industry’s leading experts on human metabolism.

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Dr. Rocky Patel


My area of expertise includes looking at the client’s metabolic situation based on body measurements and lab values, then integrating that into a program to improve ones health. I hope to teach my clients how to improve their health.

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