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How can your diet help heal chronic health issues?
How should you include carbs in your diet?
In episode 41 of Body IO FM, we invite Dr. Paul Jaminet to discuss how carbohydrates should be included in daily diet. We also discuss his diet and Perfect Health Retreat.
Dr. Paul Jaminet is a scientist with a longstanding interest in diet and health. He began experimenting with low-carb Paleo diets in 2005, spent seven years refining them, has successfully healed his own “middle-age” and chronic health problems through diet, and has learned a great deal about the benefits – and pitfalls – of these diets that he would like to share.
To learn more about Dr. Jaminet’s book and retreat, click the following links:
1. Perfect Health Diet Book
2. Dr. Paul Jaminet’s website
3. Perfect Health Retreat


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Physicist turned nutrition and performance scientist. Currently considered one of the industry’s leading experts on human metabolism.

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  • Great podcast! Of all the advocates of the higher-carb diet Paul is the most convining to me 🙂

    But still not convincing enough

    One thing which should be clarified is what exactly Paul was eating for 1.5 years when he was “low-carb” and then experienced the carb-deficiency effects. I mean two things here: how much carbs he was really eating (and how he counted those carbs) and how much protein and fat was in his diet.

    Without being very precise about what a particular “low-carb” diet consists of, there is no way anyone could decide what caused the symptoms, e.g. too little carbs content, or maybe too much protein or too little fat or wrong kinds of fat or too much of other foods, e.g. dairy, nuts or perhaps even fruits or vegetables?


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