Body IO® FM #42 | Year End Rants: Diabetics, Calories, BroScience and Paleo

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On this episode of Body IO FM, we decided to do something special and record a year end rant on various topics as a holiday present to you. Since many of you said you enjoyed the last rant podcast, we decided to do another and include Andrea “AJ” Jengle to give her thoughts as well. Enjoy!


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Physicist turned nutrition and performance scientist. Currently considered one of the industry’s leading experts on human metabolism.

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  • Hi Kiefer

    I read and listen to all your information. I wish you could obtain approval for CEU’s through the Florida Licensure Board of Physical Therapy. I am a home health therapist in central FL. My background prior tobPT is exercise physiology and sports medicine. I love all this new research. Thank you Kiefer!

  • Very informative the lady did a great job her contributions were good. But wonder why my wife when she slacks on flour she doesn’t have joint pain when she eats flour products two to three days in a roll she get joint pain. One time Chiropracter had off of flour and nuts etc. she was a lot better but ys to restrictive. So she enjoys pizza every so often. Any comment. Your guys are great I push this diet with whoever will listen. and Carb Nite book.

  • I’m confused…
    I just finished to read “CarbNite” and from what I read I got out with the information: calories don’t count.
    Then I listen to this podcast and… I’m really confused.
    I think calories DO COUNT.
    here where you can find when you wrote that counting calories was not important.
    Page 111 of The Carb Nite Solution: The Carb Nite Solution Summary
    description of Reorientation, last sentence: Eat enough food to keep hunger under control WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT COUNTING CALORIES.

    also on page 42: “we’re casting aside the ritual of calorie counting”

    I mean I agree with you taht calories might be an old fashioned way to predict how much energy a certain food will introduce in the body, but… it is the only one we get.

    I hopw you get this as a constructive observation: I think it should be more clear that on The Carb Nite Solution you cannot eat whatever amount of food you want if you keep your barbs under 30 gr.


  • Can’t tell you how many times I laughed out loud while listening to this pod cast. You guys really brightened my day… “and if you don’t believe me, come and fight me…..” thanks for putting this together, I’ll listen to it again in a day or two. Please do the rant thing at least once a quarter…. you cant dump a lot of information on us but when we laugh together…. that is when information and emotion become integration…. yesterday I laughed so hard my DNA changed

  • I love the rants! It’s been a great year listening to you guys very entertaining and informative. I also love when you make fun of the tiger fitness guy he’s suck a tool.

  • I have to say I´ve got exactly the same experience as Phillip. I first listened to this episode the day before yesterday while going on a train and I don´t know what people thought seeing a guy with headphones on his head exploding with laughter all the time. It really made my day and now I´m listening to the podcast once again. Thanks!


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