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Why are low-fat diets not the answer? Why should women get off the treadmill and start lifting weights?
We have personal trainer and coach, Rachel Guy, join us on today’s episode of Body IO FM to discuss why some diets work for a time but do not have lasting results. We also talk about why people need to focus on fat loss instead of weight loss and why it’s important to eat whole foods.
Rachel is the Director of ATHLETIC FOX Pty Ltd; bringing the truth in Female Strength Training, Aesthetics, Nutrition, Supplementation and the Beauty Business. Giving a little bit of harsh reality and tough love, transforming ladies into the ultimate sexy and confident Athletic Fox.
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Physicist turned nutrition and performance scientist. Currently considered one of the industry’s leading experts on human metabolism.

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  • Hi there,

    I’m not one to comment on podcasts or blogs…but I felt compelled to after listing to you and Rachael.

    I’M HER!! I’m that average girl she was talking about…on and off the dieting, low cal, low fat, high cardio, Paleo. I’m done with it all…and aside from buying The CarbNite Solution a month ago, I don’t know where to start. I dabble with my husbands weights, which are limited, so I know the basics of what should work for me and have started to apply them, but I’m looking for assistance. I don’t know the lingo, macros and the like, I don’t know the names of squats or what muscle they target. I’m just 34 year old woman, tired of her cellulite and flab, fully committed to the process of getting rid of it and gaining muscle definition. (also fully aware that the scale could go up with the increase of muscle, but smart enough to know it’s all for the better)

    Not sure that I have a question or comment or plea for help…maybe a little of each. Here’s my long story, well long… Paleo was great in the sense that I love meat and veggies and love to cook. I lost the belly bloat but that was it. Came across CarbNite and jumped in with two feet. 4 weeks later, I’ve only lost 5 pounds and not much visual change in my appearance. I’ve read and reread the book and I’m just not sure what I’m doing wrong…eggs, cheese, coconut oil, meats, heavy cream in my coffee. I’ve added in more veggies and then omitted them, same with sugar free items, no real difference. I plan on looking at my carbnite (this Saturday) differently, focus more on the necessity of it rather than the indulgence, though dinner out is planned and pasta is in my future (my comfort food), so indulge I still will, but smarter. Side note, I do notice I have a hard time eating what I think is enough carbs on CN…I get full fast. Sorry, again long story longer…I would love to hear back from you, any tips pointers or suggestions are definitely welcomed.

    Thanks for letting me ramble…

  • I appreciated this podcast. I can’t afford her online program right now but I am planning to download one of Rachel’s books.

    Thanks for have great guests!

  • […] Why are low-fat diets not the answer? Why should women (or men) get off the treadmill and start lift… Podcast with Rachel Guy. She trains figure competitors and has a very sane and sustainable approach to nutrition and training. While most of my clients don’t plan on doing a figure competition, pretty much everyone wants to lose fat and reshape, and to be able to keep those changes without an inordinate amount of willpower. She’s an expert and her approach is easy to live with and apply. […]

  • Hi Kiefer/Body IO Team

    As a life long couch master have been trying to spur myself into action and experiment with various protocols.
    Mostly based around the free weights I have kicking around the house. Am currently a carb niter but try to use CBL intermittently if life demands it (e.g. social stuff meaning I eat more carbs than usual – rare)

    I downloaded Shockwave (including the pay for app) and wondered how accurate you need to be when doing the PSR. The way I do it (which I realise is not optimal) is to try and say shoot for 12 reps and quickly add to the barbell between sets. The app gives you very specific % of 1 rep max to use but due to the actual plates I have it is not always easy to do this accurately or quickly.
    – Is it still worth doing (compared to say a more traditional lifting approach) even if I can’t get the numbers spot on or transfer the weights really fast between sets?

    Secondly, I wondered if you had any thoughts on slow lifting aka Doug McGuff Body by Science style. Have been using this in conjunction with Shockwave to try and get some cardio benefit (without the cardio! as I love lifting).

    Thanks for continuing to put out this amazing content. Love how you guys treat the science, you + Peter Attia are my ‘heroes’. Keep up the good work (please!).

    ps Peter would be a great guest for you guys I think.


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