HER Body™ #29 | Jill Coleman - Moderation and Mindset

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Why is it important to have moderation when it comes to diet and fitness?

In today’s HER Body™ episode Alex chats with former fitness competitor and lifestyle coach, Jill Coleman, about what it means to have moderation when it comes to food and exercise.

They talk about their past experiences in the competition world and how they broke the hamster wheel cardio and deprive/binge cycle by incorporating more mindful eating.

They also discuss techniques they use in social settings, for both eating and drinking, and how incorporating these techniques helps them stay the course without the guilt they once experienced.

Jill Coleman, is the co-founder of Metabolic Effect Inc. and owner of JillFit, a health and wellness brand, with a unique focus on mindset. She holds a master’s degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport and a BS in Health & Exercise Science from Wake Forest University. Jill’s 16-year journey in the health and fitness industry began when she got her very first job at a gym just for the free membership at 15. Since then, it’s a been a whirlwind of education in exercise science and nutrition, fitness competitions, landing several national covers for fitness modeling and plenty of business growth.

To learn more about Jill, click the following links:

1. JillFit.com
2. Jill’s Facebook page.


I’m a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and WBFF Bikini Pro. My athletic interests include Gymnastics and weight lifting. I hope to teach clients how to pay attention to what their bodies need, when they need it and how to manipulate the foods they eat in order to reach any goal.

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