HER Body™ #63 | Jenni Silvennoinen - Overcoming Disordered Eating And Using Carb Nite®

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Today on this HER Body™ episode, Alex is joined by client Jenni Silvennoinen. They talk about her relationship with food and how she developed disordered eating habits that made her sick.

Jenni shares how friends and approached her to talk about her serious eating disorder and how it made her feel at the time. She also shares how she came upon Carb Nite and how it helped her change her mindset about food.


I’m a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and WBFF Bikini Pro. My athletic interests include Gymnastics and weight lifting. I hope to teach clients how to pay attention to what their bodies need, when they need it and how to manipulate the foods they eat in order to reach any goal.

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