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Can using Carb Nite® or Carb Backloading™ reverse damage caused by your previous diet? Why should doctors be using these protocols to help their patients?
In today’s podcast, we discuss in depth with Dr. Rocky Patel how he is using CNS and CBL with his patients, what led him to start using these protocols, and the amazing results people are getting. We also cover the most common mistake people make when using Carb Nite® or Carb Backloading™.
Share this podcast with those who are having issues with cholesterol, diabetes, or weight loss. They will be glad you did.
To find more about Dr. Rocky and his practice, click the following link:
1. Dr. Rocky’s page
To purchase the Carb Nite® Solution and the Carb Backloading™ books, click the following link:
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John Kiefer


Physicist turned nutrition and performance scientist. Currently considered one of the industry’s leading experts on human metabolism.

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Dr. Rocky Patel


My area of expertise includes looking at the client’s metabolic situation based on body measurements and lab values, then integrating that into a program to improve ones health. I hope to teach my clients how to improve their health.

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