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Andrea Jengle

My name is Andrea Jengle. Everyone calls me AJ. II am a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Level 1 Fascial Stretch Therapist.

I have a unique athletic background that includes Motocross and Big Mountain Snowmobiling. I’m currently focused on Strength Training, Snowboarding and Mountain Biking.

I started using Carb Nite in 2011 and Carb Backloading in 2012. I experienced exceptional body composition, health and lifestyle benefits shortly after adopting these protocols. Eager to help my clients achieve their goals, I have been using Carb Nite and Carb Backloading ever since for everything from wedding prep to athletic performance.

My area of expertise is helping clients prioritize, achieve and maintain their goals by creating a realistic plan and sustainable lifestyle.

Common sense and knowledge, combined with my own struggle with health and body composition in the past greatly attributes to my coaching skills. My extensive background in the gym and with recreational sports performance is also an asset.

My goal is to teach my clients how to listen to their body and adapt to its needs rather than being derailed by every bump in the road. Empowering clients through education so they can confidently self-monitor and adjust is important to me.

My favorite Ultra Low Carb meal is a tie for first place between bacon & eggs or ribs.

My favorite Carb Nite or Carb Backload meal is Sushi and cheesecake.

My current training goals are to continue to improve strength/performance, maintain a lean athletic physique, avoid injury and continue to enjoy recreational sports.

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