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Dr. Rocky Patel

My name is Rakesh C. Patel, M.D. and soccer enthusiast.

I started using Carb Nite over 3 years ago in an effort to continue my fat loss and health journey.

My ability to maintain this way of eating and the results I have personally experienced inspired me to try Carb Nite and Carb Backloading with patients who were struggling with similar issues. I have been using these protocols with my patients for 3 years.

Being a Medical Doctor my area of expertise includes looking at the client’s metabolic situation based on body measurements and lab values, then integrating that into a program to improve ones health.

I feel that there has to flexibility in every plan. I do not try to pigeon hole everyone into the same plan. You must always have an open mind.

I hope to teach my clients how to improve their health.

My favorite Ultra Low Carb meal is Bacon, of course!

I don’t have one favorite Carb Nite meal but some of my go to’s include ice cream and pastries.

My current goals include continuing to lead a busy life as a physician while maintaining my current body composition and optimizing my health.

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